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News Release
LTA Launches Dual-Mode In-Vehicle Unit For Cars

News releases article from LTA Website. 

1. From 30 June 2009, new car owners will have their vehicles fitted with the new generation In-vehicle Unit (IU), or dual-mode IU. The new IU is designed to accept both the existing NETS CashCard and CEPAS-compliant cards such as the new CEPAS-compliant ez-link card (please refer to Annex 1 for photo of the dual-mode IU and Annex 2 for features on the new IU).

2. Motorists have a choice to use either the NETS CashCard or the CEPAS-compliant ez-link card once the cars are fitted with the dual-mode IU.

3. On top of the existing NETS CashCard, motorists with dual-mode IUs also have the option of using CEPAS-compliant cards for parking charges at Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks that support the CEPAS standard from October 2009 when these EPS car parks are progressively upgraded. Details will be announced at the end of September 2009.


Table 1: Use of dual-mode IU with NETS CashCard and CEPAS-compliant ez-link card

Card Type Current U Dual-mode IU
NETS CashCard Yes Yes
CEPAS-compliant card No Yes


4. Car owners are not required to change their current IU to the dual-mode IU. Nevertheless, motorists who wish to change to the new IU may do so at LTA Authorised Inspection Centres at a cost of $150 (before GST and inclusive of installation). Motorists are advised to call the Centres beforehand to make an appointment (please refer to Annex 3 for the list of Authorised Inspection Centres).

More than 17,300 vehicles fitted with dual-mode IU

5. Since the introduction of the dual-mode IU last year, more than 17,300 vehicles have been fitted with the new IU. This comprises 14,900 motorcycles from September 2008 and 2,400 taxis/other vehicles from March 2009.

6. To ensure motorists are familiar with the use of their dual-mode IU, flyers highlighting the features of the IU, usage with the existing NETS CashCard and the ez-link CEPAS-compliant card for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and EPS payments will be distributed to motorists when they collect their newly registered vehicles fitted with the dual-mode IU, or when they replace their current IU with the new dual-mode IU (please refer to Annex 4 for a sample of the flyer).

7. For enquiries on the dual-mode IU, motorists may call LTA at 1800 CALL LTA (1800 225 5582).



  • Annex 1: Photograph of the dual-mode IU for cars
  • Annex 2: Features of the dual-mode IU
  • Annex 3: List of Authorised Inspection Centres
  • Annex 4: Sample of flyer
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