Electronic Parking System (Semi / Full )

Electronic Parking System (Semi / Full )

The EPS (Electronic Parking System) goes one step further to enhance the driver's convenience with "hands-free" cashless parking.

 On entry to the carpark, the drivers no longer need to stop the car, wind down the window to insert the cashcard to register its entry time.  A high speed antenna at the entry lane will read the IU (In-car Unit, available on all Singapore cars), the system will store the information in the database and lifts up the high speed barrier.


Difference Between Semi & Full EPS

  1. For Semi EPS, the driver will still need to stop the vehicle and insert the cashcard for the fee to be deducted if a parking fee is required
  2. For Full EPS, the deduction of the fee is done using the IU in the car, similar to the automatic ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) toll fee collection. This automatic deduction of fees cuts down the time required by the driver to clear the exit.