Complimentary and Redemption Parking

Complimentary and Redemption Parking

GTech provides highly customizable and flexible complimentary parking solutions.  Complimentary parking can be totally free or discounted.  This depends on the application.  For example, a shopping centre trying to attract more shoppers to its establishment may introduce a $2 discount to the parking fee of any shopper who accumulates a total spending of $20 at its shops.   A hotel may like to issue a complementary card that allows its customers to have free parking as long as he stays with the hotel.   Some complimentary cards or tickets may be reused for a certain number of times, while others are "swallowed" by the machine on one use.


What are the main features of NETS CashCard/Flashpay and Ez-link CEPAS cards ?


Nets Cashcard / Ez-link Cepas Card
16-digit CAN number located on the back of your Card



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For convenience of motorists, most of our carpark locations are setup with Nets Top-up terminal.