Company Profile

G. Tech provides car park operation and management services. Our core business consists of the followings:

1) To Conceptualize Car Park Design and Space Planning
2) Customized Parking System
3) Security System and Services
4) Consultancy Services

G. Tech is committed toward excellence and always maintains a very high level of operation readiness with the support of a 24hr/7days manned call centre and staff.

With the confidence and support cast by our business partners, G. Tech has grown in size and have involve in the planning, execution and managed about 100 car parks. Through our years in the industry and strong relationship with our business partners, G. Tech has built up a unique capability to provide consultancy services and as a solution provider. We are proud to strike a partnership with the LTA to manage the first ever mechanized car park in Singapore, to be the first in Asia to install a revolution wireless detection parking guiding system in an open car park in Singapore.

As an innovative and creative solution provider, we are always on the lookout for any new emerging technology and thrive to share our efficient and effective solutions with our business partners. Our continuous effort in search of latest technology will enable our business partners in maximizing higher output and attain better returns on investment.